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Fire Station #9, Savannah, Georgia - Case study


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

Project Name: Fire Station #9

Product: Gravelpave2 aggregate paving

Application: Fire Truck Wash Area

City: Savannah

State/Province: Georgia

Install Date: Summer 2007

Install Size: 350 m2 (3,672 sq ft)

Address: 2235 Capital St. Savannah, GA

Client: City of Savannah

Designer: City of Savannah/Design Department

Contractor: NA

Directions: Pennsylvania Avenue East from Skidaway Road to the new Savannah High School.Turn right just past the school. Station is located adjacent to the rear school property line.

Location: Directly in back of 3-bay firehouse.

Photography: Chere Peterson, Petrus UTR, 2008

Summary: This is directly adjacent to firehouse and was designed for washing fire trucks. Base was 5 inches of #57 stone, over which a mixture of 1.5” of #89 stone and 3.5” of sand was placed and compacted to 92% Modified Proctor. It is surrounded by a massive asphalt parking lot, which necessitated the installation of Reinforced Concrete Pipes for stormwater. Speaking with a small group of fire fighters stationed at #9, The City of Savannah have employed both Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 successfully for industrial equipment storage/parking, parking bays for Grayson Stadium (Class A Baseball Farm Team Home for the Mets), and have it designed for other life-safety and tree protection applications and event/ recreation parking throughout the City.

Closeup of #89 stone fill in Gravelpave2 showing tops of some of the rings

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