Firecat Incinerator - Case Study #170701


Courtesy of AEREON


  • Location: Kuwait
  • Equipment Type:
    • Vertical Forced
    • Draft Incinerator
  • Type of Gas: Tail Gas
  • Capacity: 270MMBTU/hr (79MW)
  • Burner Type: Forced Draft Staged Burner
  • Tail Gas Capacity: 273,000 lb/hr (12,390 kg/hr)
  • Dimensions: 20 ftOD x 110 ft (6 m x 33 m)
  • Install Year: 2017

Aereon’s FIRECAT Forced Draft Vertical Incinerator is here used to incinerate tail gas at the Jurassic Production Facility for Kuwait Oil Company(KOC) in Kuwait. System was designed to handle 7.0 MMSCFD of tail gas through a single staged burner rated up to 270 MMBTU/hr while achieving 99.9% destruction efficiency of inlet organic compounds and Hydrogen Sulphide. The incinerator is equipped with a continuous emission monitoring system. This unit was designed , fabricated, and shipped in less than 30 weeks. The unit was commissioned by the Aereon Service team successfully in 2017.

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