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Fireworks air pollution in Slovenia

Over the 'Christmas–New Year' period 12/2010–01/2011, PM10 air pollution measurements on most of the automatic measuring stations in Slovenia reached extreme values of up to 300 µg/m³. Analysis shows a very close correlation with the timings of the fireworks displays in the areas. This paper shows the other side of this cultural enjoyment - the effect on PM10 air pollution. As the correlation with extreme values is so drastic all over Slovenia, the question arises if these events do need some further regulation to prevent harmful health effects. Can the locations for fireworks displays be selected according to the knowledge about air pollution mechanisms in the area? Some practical examples and analyses of the situations are given for the Zasavje region in Slovenia, where two automatic stations measured extreme peaks of PM10 pollution during the period under examination.

Keywords: PM10 air pollution, firework displays, Zasavje region, local scale modelling, Slovenia, atmospheric dispersion modelling, air quality, fireworks, health hazards

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