First commissioned LFG power generation unit in Iran

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The first landfill gas (LFG) power generation station in Iran was officially commissioned in July 2009. This plant is located in old landfill site of Mashhad, the second largest city in Iran.

This landfill has been receiving municipal solid wastes (MSW) since 1975 but the first activity for biogas extraction in this site was started in 2000. The LFG extraction system in this site is based on inclined horizontal trenches in which, perforated HDPE pipes have been embedded for gas venting. Actual LFG extraction branches have been installed in parts of this landfill in which, more recent MSW have been dumped.

A header pipe collects LFG from extraction wellheads and transfers it to central compression station where compressors intake the gas and pump it to LFG treatment unit. The treatment consists of moisture removal vessel, desulphurization reactor. The central compression station is equipped to gas flow meter and control panel as well and all components have been installed in a container. The upgraded LFG is passed through the central station to the engine-generator sets. An enclosed flare has also installed beside the central station to burn the excess gas and entirely eliminate the pollutants.


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