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First Export of PCB-Contaminated Equipment from Peru


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ABB made the first export ever of contaminated equipment with PCB and liquid of PCB from Peru. The PCB waste was shipped towards ABB Environmental Services in Germany under international standards such as the Basel Convention, and with the authorization of local authorities as DIGESA.


Manuel Rojas is Manager of Engineering for Electroperú, Peru's national electrical utility. 'As Peru's national electrical utility, we hired ABB to recycle four PCB transformers. We were glad to have such a highly experienced partner by our side for the recycling of PCB equipment, an activity with great significance for environmental policy in our country. To protect our environment and natural resources, Electroperú consistently follows a carefully defined program that strives to avoid, and eliminate whenever possible, even the smallest risks concerning environmental policy.


With these goals in mind, our electric activities include the Program of Adaptation and Environmental Handling (PAMA), which provides for the recycling and replacement of PCB transformers. One thing that was especially important to us during our cooperation with ABB was their ability, as a global partner, to carry out logistics with great care and attention to detail.”


ABB in Peru has the certifications ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 that it was obtained in February of this year after an exhaustive evaluation of our system of Environmental Administration on the part of the certified company.


'ABB Environmental Services', which realized the projects with Electroperú, was acquired by Envio group in 2004.

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