Fish Processor Waste Water Treatment Case Study

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Fish Processing Case Study

Fish Processing Facility Wastewater Treatment, Instant Quality Freezing, Bag & Freeze

The wastewater samples shown are from a fish processing facility. The sample on the left is the wastewater that is generated from processing the fish and canning as well as IQF (Instant Quality Freezing, bag and freeze). The wastewater was dosed with Floccin™ 1115 at a rate of 1 gram/liter and the flocculated solids were screened and poured into the treated water jar.

Wastewater Jar Test Results Fish Processing Facility

The BOD reduction went from 3,500 ppm to 1,400 ppm and the suspended solids (TSS) went from 1,100 to 50 ppm. The wastewater is then treated in their biological system (extended aeration). This organic and solids reduction by using the Floccin™ has allowed the facility to meet the required COD limit of 50 ppm after being treated in their biological system.

Fish Processing Flocculent in a Bucket


Fish Processing Floc on Scale

The solids containing the fish particles are spray dried and used as cat and dog food supplement as there is a significant amount of recovered protein. The client now has a viable and profitable product that is sold versus a cost of solids disposal.

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