Fish Processor Wastewater Jar Test Treatability 2010

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Fish Processor Case Study

Fish Processor Wastewater Treatability - VERY TREATABLE

The wastewater was received from a fish processing plant that utilizes water to float fish.

Jar testing revealed that Floccin™ 1106 as the most effective product for treating the wastewater. A 1,000 ml beaker filled with the water sample was used to conduct the treatability. 2 grams of Floccin™ 1106 were mixed in 1,000 ml of wastewater which equates to 16.7 lbs/1000 gallons.

The results are pictured below.

Wastewater Jar Test Results Fish Processor

Left: Untreated Wastewater Sample Right: Treated

The facility would like to reuse the water which will require post hydrocarbon removal and ozonation subsequent to Floccin treatment.

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