Fit for Purpose WalkSafe


Courtesy of Latchways PLC

In nearly all instances it is impractical to prevent roof access; therefore the ideal solution is to create a level, anti-slip surface to protect against all fall hazards. WalkSafe provides a demarcation route, guiding a workers’ movement in areas that there are potential fall hazards.

To ensure the Latchways product is Fit for Purpose, Latchways have invested heavily in ensuring the product not only meets, but exceeds, all the standard recognised testing procedures.

Over a half a million linear metres of WalkSafe has been successfully installed since the introduction of the product 35 years ago. This document details the key considerations which determine whether your specified access solution is Fit for Purpose.


  • BBA Certificated
  • Roofing system manufacturer approval
  • Fire safety
  • Severe UV exposure tested
  • Bespoke/prefabricated test compliance
  • Corrosion and moisture resistant
  • Impact resistant fall proof covers for fragile roofs and rooflights
  • Slip resistant
  • Product quality and recyclability

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