Five reasons why installer loyalty schemes are good news for your inbox

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It’s a rare thing to be excited by the prospect of emails. But, by not signing up to installer loyalty schemes, you’ll miss out on a lot more than special offers. Here’s why loyalty schemes make it worth handing over your email address.

1. You’ll get the latest product news, first

How do you find out about new product ranges, adaptations to existing products, or notification of discontinuations? Searching through endless industry magazines can be time-consuming, whereas installer loyalty schemes can save you the hassle by digesting their latest product information for you.
In today’s e-commerce world you would not think twice about signing up to follow your favourite football team, or updates on the latest phones, gadgets or cars, whatever your interests are. The same logic applies in your business life; after all being the first in the know in business can give you the competitive advantage you need, to pay for all those nice things.

2. Technical advice and referrals

Manufacturers. Homeowners. Installers. You all want a solid, reliable job done at a fair price and with zero hassle. Having to go back and snag or re-do a job can result – at best – in lost time and recommendations.
When products are updated, or new ones introduced, installation and technical guidance can evolve too. Signing up to installer loyalty schemes is the perfect way to keep you in the know: you’ll get the first view of installation tips and videos to give you the assurance you’re doing it right, without having to remember to download new fact sheets or subscribe to YouTube channels.
You never know, manufacturers often throw in technical support or free training and may even offer a referral service or pass on sales leads.

3. The latest in legislation changes

“Nothing lasts for ever but the certainty of change”, said the wise Iron Maiden guitarist Bruce Dickinson. And legislation WILL change.
If you’ve got immediate photographic recall of every alteration to Part G, Part L, WRAS, the Renewable Heat Incentive and The Energy Efficiency Directive – along with how they’ll impact your day-to-day work – then you’ve got your Mastermind specialist subject all sorted. For the rest of us mere mortals, installer loyalty schemes can summarise what those updates mean for you.

4. Trends and innovations

Installer loyalty schemes can help you stay on top of current and emerging industry trends, and understand if those trends are a stroke of genius, or a gimmick.
Insights can help you decide whether to adopt new trends and technologies now or in the future. For example, if you receive an update about how patent expiration has resulted in making hot water cylinders with integrated thermal expansion cheaper, you can make an informed decision about whether to change your purchasing patterns or supplier.
In short, knowledge is power.

5. Installer loyalty schemes offer exclusive freebies and promotions, for free

Last but by no means least – not only are loyalty schemes free to join, but they may offer you freebies as well. You’ll be first in the queue to find out about special promotions and discounts too.

In summary, it’s worth joining all installer loyalty schemes. For sharing a minimal level of information like your name, company name and email address – you’ll receive free and invaluable updates to support your business; all direct to your smart phone or computer.

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