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Flat screen monitor disassembly and testing for remanufacturing

The remarketing of used flat screen desktop monitors is evolving into a profitable market segment. Based on market, technology and environment analysis, remanufacturing challenges are described within this paper. A method to analyse and evaluate the suitability of a flat screen monitor regarding disassembly and remanufacturing is presented. Product specific quality classes are derived and serve as a prerequisite for the definition of disassembly, testing and remanufacturing processes. Manual and automated disassembly processes are specified by means of methods time measurement respectively graphical, dynamical collision simulation. A prototype system for hybrid disassembly is presented. Adequate testing methods for electronic equipment are identified and evaluated within the scope of remanufacturing. Signature analysis is identified as an efficient method for circuit board testing. A prototype, virtual test bed and process for printed circuit board testing are presented.

Keywords: remanufacturing, disassembly, testing, flat screen monitors, sustainable manufacturing, sustainability, used flat screens, desktop monitors, electronic equipment, signature analysis, printed circuit boards, PCB testing

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