Flint Hills Resources (FHR) case study


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A wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries - one of the largest privately owned companies in the world - Flint Hills Resources (FHR) operates 3 oil refineries in the United States, a petrochemical processing facility in Illinois, and petroleum marketing and distribution interests in Canada. FHR first implemented the e3 Compliance Management system as an enterprise solution in 2001. In 2003 the FHR management system was extended to include air emissions tracking, Title V reporting, and emission inventory management. Toxic release inventory (TRI) calculation and reporting were likewise implemented in 2007. Prior to implementing the e3 Solutions system, FHR relied on spreadsheets and manual methods to collect, calculate and report environmental data. e3 Solutions software and services have enabled FHR to automate much of their calculation and reporting requirements.

Some of the innovative initiatives employed by e3 Solutions to improve FHR emission management and regulatory reporting include:

  • Automatic history tracking of all data inputs, including changes and deletions
  • Line level emission calculation equation storage to facilitate detailed auditing requirements
  • Automated data rollup of emissions totals by time period, equipment or facility
  • Automated generation of complex Title V, TRI and Emission Inventory reports

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