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Float Realty Trust – Falmouth, MA - Case Study


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At an office/industrial park on Cape Cod, owners wanted to explore potential savings from rooftop photovoltaic electricity in a single-story industrial facility. In two of the facility’s buildings, people work daily designing and manufacturing scientific instruments for oceanographic research and monitoring of climate change. As a research institution, one of the main drivers for the project was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through renewable energy use.

Client Need:

Seeking to capitalize on state grants and energy savings, FLOAT Realty Trust contacted Boreal to evaluate its metal rooftops. Most PV panels have to face south for maximum exposure to the sun’s daily travel. Yet FLOAT buildings faced east-west and had more limits because of nearby tree shading.

Solution: Solar Feasibility Arrow Design Arrow Installation

Within a month, Boreal complete a feasibility study, design plan and economic analysis in late 2008. We provided a preliminary custom designed saw-tooth mounting structure on the east and west facing roofs that allow solar panels to face south for maximum exposure. Boreal also provided a preliminary design of a 78.54 kW solar system design. Working with an installation partner, we delivered a turnkey (design-build) grid-tied roof-mounted ballasted PV system.


This project quickly received all relevant regulatory approvals. It will recover the total cost of $620,000 within six years. Solar panels are warranted for 20 ears and the inverter has a 15-year warranty.

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