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Flood Protection: Chew Magna, North East Somerset


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Bath & North East Somerset Council

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The village of Chew Magna, to the south of Bristol, has suffered eight flood events within the last 40 years. The village is a designated conservation area, having a number of listed buildings. With two main watercourses flowing into Chew Magna and the obvious risk of future flood events, Bath & North East Somerset Council was successful in obtaining a Defra grant in early 2010 for individual property level protection. Capita Symonds was commissioned in April 2010 to support the council in the allocation of the grant, to collate flood data in order to identify the properties at greatest risk, and to draw up a list of specifications for property protection. In October 2010 UK Flood Barriers won the competitive tender for property level flood protection, based on the specification drawn up by Capita Symonds.

In brief, the specification comprised a combination of protective measures including door and low level window barriers, non return valves for sewage and utility pipes, remedial works, the installation of sumps and pumps, and airbrick replacements. Despite facing delays from the adverse weather conditions in December, phase one of the project - to protect 33 houses - was competed in January 2011. Due to the success of this first stage, we were then awarded the second phase for an additional 36 houses.

The Chew Magna project was Defra’s largest property level protection scheme, and was subsequently hailed as the blueprint model on which to base future grant schemes, due to the successful partnership and effective communication between Bath & North East Somerset Council, Capita Symonds, the EA, UK Flood Barriers team and the residents, spearheaded by the Parish Council.

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