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Courtesy of HESCO Bastion, Inc.

Manitoba Hydro is the electric power and natural gas utility in the province of Manitoba, Canada. Located only minutes north of the US border at North Dakota, Manitoba Hydro have generating stations and sub-stations located in the Red River Valley. This critical infrastructure is vulnerable to annual river flooding and, with flood predictions and forecasts for Spring 2011 at the highest in decades, these crucial installations were under significant threat.

The stations flooded several years ago, costing millions of dollars from damage and lost revenue. This time the threat was identified well in advance and Hydro officials met with HESCO technical representatives in early 2011.

Confined spaces and rights of way did not allow for construction of traditional earthen structures (levee, dike or berm). Convinced that the HESCO Concertainer system could meet the challenge, Manitoba Hydro chose the HESCO Floodline™ system to construct flood defenses. The HESCO system was deployed as a front-line flood defense barrier around those stations located in the projected flood zones.

Construction work began began 25 Feb 2011, and approximately 3,600 linear feet of HESCO was used in a 2/1 pyramid style, stacked configuration. The product was filled using specialized equipment provided by Alliance. This included a specialized compacting tool and a loader known as a TR30. The HESCO
F-4315, the largest Floodline unit, was used for the construction of all flood defense walls. The finished structure is temporary, but may be capped at a later time to create a more permanent structure.

HESCO technical representatives worked diligently with Hydro engineers and project managers to complete the formidable protection structures. The rapidly deployable and cost effective HESCO system gives assurance to the people of Manitoba that, should flooding occur, their power provider is protected and prepared to win the battle.

Location: Letellier, Manitoba, Canada
Unit: F-4315
Project: Perimeter flood protection project

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