FlowShark Pulse Provides Accurate Influent Data Reporting


Courtesy of ADS Environmental Services

Oahu, HI - The Hawaiian Islands’ topography lends itself to multiple small treatment plants. The island of Oahu contains
more than 80% of the entire island chain’s population. The Sandy Beach treatment plant on the eastern end of Oahu has been in operation since 1965 and currently operates at an average daily flow of about 4 mgd. The plant’s influent flows are highly irregular with a large reliance on pump stations. Hourly dry weather fluctuations in flow rate range from 0.2 mgd to 10 mgd, with associated velocity ranging from <0.1 to 3.5 ft/s. The influent monitoring location is just downstream of a transition from a rectangular channel into a 36-inch diameter concrete pipe. For several years, the plant superintendent has endured unreliable and irregular readings from several other flow monitors placed at this location, particularly during the low flow cycles throughout the day. This caused the need for an excessive amount of explanatory reporting to the Hawaii State Department of Health.

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