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Fluidized Fixed-Film Systems For Cost Effective Upgrade Of Existing Wastewater Treatment Plants

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As capacity demands increase and effluent quality regulations become increasingly stringent, a rising number of wastewater treatment plants across North America are in need of process upgrades. Nutrient removal requirements and high quality effluent standards for wastewater reuse have become more prevalent in recent years to safeguard
aquatic habitat and conserve water resources. Upgrading large wastewater treatment plants to meet changing environmental standards can be a costly endeavor. Land surrounding existing plants is often unavailable or obtainable only at a premium price. Land acquisition, engineering and construction costs required to complete additional aeration basins and clarifiers can strain municipal budgets. Fluidized fixed-film technology offers flexible solutions to a multitude of biological process upgrade applications such as nitrogen removal, capacity increase and wastewater reuse. The technology is based on proprietary polyethylene biofilm carriers, which, when added to a treatment basin, provide a large internal surface area for the growth of microorganisms (biofilm or biomass). Carrier size, geometry and specific internal surface area are important features and the HYDROXYL-PAC carriers have been designed with optimal performance in mind. The upgrade often consists of simply adding carriers and screens to existing basins and can therefore be completed in a cost-effective and timely manner without major civil engineering requirements and no requirement for additional land. This paper outlines the key components and features of fluidized fixed-film systems. The
case studies presented herewith demonstrate the advantages of implementation of freefloating biomass carriers over competing technologies for municipal wastewater upgrade scenarios.

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