Flush Mounted Valve Exposed


Courtesy of Containment & Filtration Solutions

The “Other Guys'” answer to standing water??  The flush mounted valve.

The “Other Guys'” answer to standing water is the Flush Mounted Valve.  This is a second valve that is installed adjacent to the primary valve and flush with the bottom of the insert allowing for complete drainage. As seen in this Image below.

File Jun 02, 3 27 09 PM

It requires an additional filter which I have never seen.  The filter basket is the same diameter but is significantly shorter than the primary filter basket. I tried to put a SD filter on it and it was awkward to say the least and I understood very quickly why I had never seen one installed on a flush mount valve assembly.   I think the idea was crack the flush mount valve so no standing water occur??  Well this means that nothing passed though the primary valve??  So why not just delete that valve??  You probably were never offered the flush mounted valve when you were sold the unit and that is ok because it doesn’t work very well.   The only reason the “Other Guy’s” customers are hearing about the flush mounted valve is due to exposure of the design  flaws concerning the standing water.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

File Jun 02, 10 33 32 AM

You can see that the flush mounted valve filter basket is much lower than the primary filter??  The flush mount valve has a large plate that covers the flow opening, causing great restriction of flow and in turn clogging.

File Jun 02, 10 36 11 AM

If that wasnt enough to make you cringe, the odor put a less than normal look on your face when you walked by the inlet.

Mosquito larvae


This gear box was rusted so bad, it was unable to be closed.

Hope fully these images tell more than what I have written about.

2016-05-03 07.35.20

  1. standing water persisted
  2. two valve to operate when responding
  3. two valves to maintain
  4. two filters to buy and replace
  5. clogging of the flush mounted valve ???
  6. deterioration of the primary valve

Two Valves and Two Filters equals  MAJOR HEADACHE!

There is a conversion kit aviable to fix these existing inserts and it works.  Containment & Filtration Solutions (www.CF-S.co) have converted some of these defective/poorly designed  inserts with 100% success to date.

2016-05-10 11.21.16

The  Drain Guardian™ insert, is a patented design  that eliminates standing water and valve deterioration due to exposure to standing water while providing filtration and containment when needed.  On CF-S site you can see a video showing it operation in more detail. (Video)

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