FLXX tightly sealed tanks protect ground water

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Courtesy of Front Range Precast Concrete

Every time we turn on a faucet, run the dishwasher, do a load of laundry, wash our cars, eat at a restaurant, use chemical compounds on our lawn, or flush our old prescription medication down the drain, we're impacting the global water supply.

Front Range Precast Concrete in Boulder is working to protect water resources. It has been making watertight concrete tanks under the brand name FLXX for 63 years. Concrete is inherently a green material as it's made out of earth materials.

It's also relatively inert and structurally sound. 'We insure a watertight tank. We specialize in this sort of thing and really love the work we're doing,' said owner Doug Jatco. 'Where other businesses treat septic tanks as a second-class product or a peripheral product, we're dedicated to the work we do.'

The company works with car washes, auto-repair shops, restaurants, parking garages, homeowners and even summer camps to install miniature wastewater-treatment systems that intercept human, household and industrial waste before it makes its way into the water table. Front Range Precast Concrete provides two types of septic systems anaerobic and aerobic.

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