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Foaming properties of amine oxide-based surfactants


The present study deals with amine oxide-based foam formulation especially developed for decontamination application in the nuclear industries. The effect of various foam boosters such as Lauryl Amido Propyl Betaine (LAPB), Coco Diethanol Amide (CDEA) and Lauryl Alcohol Ethoxylate (LAE) on the foaming power of surfactants in the presence of several decontaminating chemicals has been evaluated. It has been found that Laurylamido Propyl Amine Oxide (LAPAO) in conjunction with LAE is the most effective in producing highly stable foam. Increased foam stability and foaming power of the formulation in the presence of commonly used decontaminating agents such as HNO3, oxalic acid, EDTA and Na
shows promise for effective use in decontamination applications. The foaming properties have been studied using standard Ross-Miles method and a newly constructed apparatus.

Keywords: amine oxide, foamability, foam stability, foam boosters, nuclear decontamination, decontaminating agents

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