Focusing on the driver to improve safety

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Courtesy of Waste Advantage Magazine

It is an established, yet startling, fact that the most life-threatening job in this country is a truck driver. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), individuals involved in trucking suffered more fatalities than those in any other occupation. These fatalities account for 12 percent of all worker deaths. Truck drivers also received more non-fatal injuries than any other occupation.

While being on the road is dangerous, the impact of a crash involving a company vehicle goes beyond life and limb. With any crash, there are costs that follow that cause pain to individuals and companies as well. The direct costs include those associated with property damage and injuries, insurance premiums, litigation and settlements, worker’s compensation, lost time and productivity, administrations and lost revenues. Beyond the direct costs, follow the indirect costs, which sometimes can be more damaging than simply dollar amounts. For instance, employee morale, negative publicity and new governmental restrictions or legislation can hinder a company for years to come following a driving incident.

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