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L&S Sweeteners of Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, had wastewater disposal issues resulting from the cleaning process for trucks bearing various liquid sweeteners, which must be cleaned between shipments per USDA requirements.

Wastewater Description
The company’s wastewater was derived from the cleaning of liquid sugar products from tank trucks and tank cars. Contaminants include sucrose, fructose, molasses and honey.

Waste Disposal Goals
The client’s goal was to decommission an existing wastewater treatment plant, eliminate most permitting and regulatory influences, reclaim sugars as an after-market product that was beneficial to the local farming community and reclaim water for other plant washing processes.

Wastewater Treatment Challenge
The client operated a WAS wastewater treatment plant. The final plant effluent required a permit for BOD5 and TSS discharge. BOD5 and TSS limits were
ThermoEnergy Solution
ThermoEnergy (formerly CASTion) helped the client meet their wastewater treatment and recovery goals with a CAST 6500 Flash Vacuum Distillation System, FRP, PVC and CPVC with an acid resistant design. Ancillary equipment included: one steam jacketed degassing tank, hot water boiler, cooling tower, distillate collection tank and one concentrate tank. The system has a 6,500 gallons per day through-put. After treatment, the GAC removes trace ethanol dissolved in the distillate. GAC is used during the summer months when fermentation becomes a problem in the primary holding tank.

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