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As Fleet Manager for Tanktransport Thys, Sven Beeusaert is responsible for ensuring that the company's rolling stock meets the edicts of the new Euro 6 regulation. Beeusaert's job has been made easier with the installation of Mouvex® B200 Series Flow Control Screw Compressors, which help bring a truck's weight within the recommended limits of the Euro 6 standard, while also being a more cost-effective alternative to vane compressors.

Since 1974, if you’ve eaten a potato chip in Belgium, spread margarine on a piece of bread in The Netherlands or put mayonnaise on a turkey sandwich in Germany, there’s a good chance that either the finished product or one of its ingredients was transported at some point in the production chain by a Tanktransport Thys N.V. truck and road tanker.

Tanktransport Thys was founded in Antwerp, Belgium, forty years ago by Walter Thys. Acquired by his son Frank Thys in 1997, the company has grown to become one of the leading transporters of liquid food products in the Western European countries of Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. By focusing on the core values of “quality, punctuality and safety,” Tanktransport Thys has built a customer base that consists of some of the leading European food manufacturers, for whom Thys transports liquid food products such as vegetable oils and fats, glycerines, brewer’s yeast, fruit juice aromas, demineralized water and wines.

Facilitating the delivery of both raw materials and finished end products for Tanktransport Thys is a fleet of trucks and road tankers.

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