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Food industry case study


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Automation and mechanisation are key requirements in high throughput environments such as analytical laboratories. The implementation of Autoscribe.s Matrix LIMS at Westward Laboratories in Cornwall together with Kiestra Lab Automation (The Netherlands) systems demonstrates how such projects, can lead to increased productivity, reduced human errors, and improved tracking and traceability. Ultimately as Dr Nicola Wilson, General and Technical Manager at Westward Laboratories says Quality is the Result.

The well trained team at Westward Laboratories consists of qualified microbiologists, who conduct daily routine microbiological testing on finished products; regular pathogen tests for evidence of Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli and other food poisoning organisms, as well as environmental monitoring. Every analyst goes through three phases of training and every analyst is fully trained to do every task. The laboratories do not just push samples through the lab which ensures that Quality is the Result from Westward Laboratories not just results.

Administrators ensure accurate and timely sample logging and reporting, and Westward also offers real time reporting and trend analysis to its customers via a dedicated web service.

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