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A major food processor and food supplier lo airline companies was out of compliance due to the failure of their wastewater treatment system to perform effectively in reducing the contaminants and meet discharge requirements. They needed to deal with their wastewater efficiently and cost-effectively, and ultimately achieve compliance with the authorities discharge standards.


Hydrocal evaluated their problem and found that the main issue was that the contaminants in the wastewater varied greatly within one day and also from day to day. Their wastewater was generated from the washing and disinfecting of fruits and vegetables and the processing of breads, meats, fruits, vegetables, fried foods, dairy products and beverages.  Furthermore, the processing and production schedule changed daily according to the various airline menus.  In addition, they had very high levels of oils and grease, as well as surfactants and detergents, resulting from the washing and disinfecting of kitchenware.

Hydrocal designed a wastewater treatment system and chemical program that would effectively handle the diversity of contaminants.

After evaluating 5 other alternative technologies, the client selected the HydroCal Mini CAF 2000 technology above all others. Their technology evaluations found Hydrocal`s Mini CAF 2000 to be the most highly rated with regards to total operational costs; effective reduction of contaminants; simple to operate; most compact; and easy to maintain; thus, resulting in the most economical high performing technology alternative.

They are very happy with the simplicity of operation of the system and the results the system is producing. Currently they are in complete compliance with the local discharge requirements, and the sludge generated is sold to a local company for further processing. In addition, this installation has been used in the local community as an example of effective wastewater treatment technology.

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