Food Processor Wastewater Treatment & Recycling Highlights

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Food Processing Wastewater Treatment Success

Thousands Saved in Surcharges and Treatment Costs in the Food Processing Industry Wastestream

Beef Processing Facility Wastewater Case Study

Industrial Beef Producer Wastewater Samples Testing Treatability

This beef processing facility saved $80k a month in surcharges by drastically lowering their wastewater's BOD and TSS with one of Integrated Engineer's Floccin brands.

Integrated helped another slaughterhouse meet its discharge permit and save $600 a day on electricity costs in the process.

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Wastewater Case Study of Poultry Producer

Poultry Producer Wastewater Treatment

This poultry food processor was able to cut water consumption in half, sludge disposal costs by a third and reduce overall costs by 34%.

Total savings were $1400 a day.

In addition to simplifying the treatment process, this switch has increased plant capacity, allowing them to up production without investing capital.

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Pizza Shell Manufacturer Wastewater Treatment Case Study

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Sample from a Pizza Shell Manufacturer Showing the Effectiveness of Floccin™ Flocculating Agents

A California pizza shell manufacturer saved $70,000 a year with FloccinTM J.

Total suspended solids and biochemical oxygen demand in the wastewater were reduced by 95% and 84%, respectively.

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Large Citrus Fruit Processor Wastewater Treatment Case Study

Industrial Citrus Processor Wastewater Treatment SystemThis large citrus fruit processor was frustrated by dramatic swings in the pH level and poor clarity in their wastewater.

Integrated Engineers helped increase the clarity of that wastewater with Floccin J (see picture on the left) and they are expected to save $6000 a month in surcharges they won't have to pay to the local POTW.

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