Food Safety with a Side of ROI


Courtesy of World Water Works, Inc.

Ken’s Foods invests in wastewater processing system and serves up efficiency and dependability in the process. What started out as a signature dish in a restaurant more than 65 years ago has today become a company with over 400 varieties of salad dressings and sauces. When Ken’s Steakhouse began in 1941, the owners were in search of a special salad and dressing to go with their steaks. The salad dressing soon rivaled the steaks in popularity - and a new company was born. The company manufactures not only their own line of salad dressings, but also produces produccs for notable brands such as Paul Newman’s line of dressings.

Ken’s Food has always been dedicated to providing cuscomera with high quality, safe products. The company knows that food safety begins at the manufacturing plant - so when it came time to design its wastewater treatment system in the company's new plant, Ken's looked for best in class solutions. In 2002, faced with an expansion plan that led the company to build a 185,000 square km plant, the salad dressing leader wanted to ensure they had the best wastewater treatment system available to help meet the company’s strategic priorities.

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