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Courtesy of is a social site established to serve the tradesmen of North America by providing news, information, safety and environmental training, job searching,, Resume’ building and more. We offer the worker a chance to build friendships and valuable work related connections. Through our site the tradesmen can participate in group building, photo sharing and general shop talk with others from around North America that “Share their lives through the trades” Our members are both union and non union workers from various construction disciplines. Are site is designed to be a resource for all that care to participate.

Our primary goals are as follows:

1) Create an environment that facilitates and trains environmentally, safe workers:

A free source of valuable information for all workers, Safety Managers, Superintendents and other trades related occupations. Since like all quality social sites much of the information is generated directly from the people in the know, our users, Tradesmen and Supervisors, we allow the site to be self creative and supporting while providing moderation of the tone and group formats in order to maintain a quality, professional appearance.

2) Create a format that Safety and Environmental Managers find valuable. We do this to bring Safety and environmental related issues to the forefront of our program.
Creating Value:

Partnering For Safety

By offering the unique ability to create Safety and environmental Groups, for training through our Social sight we have done what no one else has. When a company partners with others that they share a business relation with or when a company through our social sight is able to locate other like minded businesses they are allowed to create groups that are able to grow huge discounts through bulk pricing using our social format. In example.

The company that needs to train one worker partners with a company training five and they partner with training fourteen all qualify for the bulk price of twenty. We, ForceBuilders will facilitate the group under one corporate pin allowing all the bulk discounted rate of twenty courses purchased. We literally can save a large corporation tens of thousands and the smaller companies will save thousands when it comes to training their workforce to be safe and environmentally sound.


When a company registers through ForceBuilders social site, we will give them a lifelong discount of ten percent on all their Osha industry and all their Osha hazwoper Courses as well as many of the Courses that will be available this August through ForceBuilders E.P.A University. If a company is training a worker who is also a ForceBuilders member, those companies will receive an additional five percent. That is a total of 15% savings through ForceBuilders. We guarantee this for the life of our site. We do this to garner the attention of those who are truly a valuable resource to us you, the environmental and Safety managers who work so hard to provide for the education and Safety of all our workers. Your voice, in the form of articles and groups, could be the voice that saves the live of a worker. Or that helps avoid an Environmental catastrophe. We offer all this and more for free.

ForceBuilders believes in the emerging technology of social media and community. We believe it is the way of the future in e- commerce around the world as well as the biggest free source of information available today. We look forward to the community here at Environmental seeing the unique way we will be able to train and provide value to a company’s work force. We hope to create an environment that safety and environmental related perssonel will find both beneficial and applicable. We encourage all to take advantage of the audience here at ForceBuilders and share the valuable information you have. This is an opportunity to reach way past the Monday morning safety meeting and talk to thousands. We look forward to watching our community grow and hope to see the free exchange of information between workers and the Safety and environmental perssonel from around the country and the world. There is no doubt that this has the ability to save lives and better us all.

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