Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company,one the world ’s leading automotive groups,used the credit360 system in the production of its flagship global Corporate Citizenship report for its centennial year.Published by Flag,this appeared both as a printed report and online.

Ford initially used the credit360 system to collate the information neededb from around the business for the Corporate Citizenship report.credit360 enabled the production of extensive charting and data for the global Corporate Citizenship report for web and print within incredibly tight timeframes.

credit360 ’s data management capabilities gives Ford complete flexibility when gathering,storing,analysing and graphically representing their corporate citizenship data,yet still allows their reports to adhere to a rigorous design approach.A fully editable set of indicators,combined with data conversion,normalisation and formula functionality,has been enhanced yet further by the option to use bespoke data input forms.

Ford has benefited from the customised print and HTML outputs that credit360 can provide,and has since enhanced its reporting capabilities further by utilising credit’s data forms to manage the data-gathering process.These purpose-built input forms allow individual users within Ford to input information directly themselves.This has not only seen significant time savings and enhanced the auditability of their reports,but has brought external recognition to
Ford ’s reporting;their 2003 report received a commendation in the North American ACCA Awards for Sustainability Reporting.

Key Benefits

  • ease of amending data
  • ease and speed of creating charts and tables for web and print report
  • significant time saving
  • capturing historical data
  • auditability

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