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Forklifts are commonly used in warehouses of various size and capacity for the movement and shipping of goods; however, the unoptimized engines can produce excess quantities of silent and deadly CO gas that can risk the health and safety of the workers.

When forklifts are brought in for service usually the CO gas isn't measured. If the CO gas isn't measured and the engine properly optimized then the forklift can quickly turn into a deadly emitter of toxic CO gas. The amount of toxic CO gas emitted can reach 10 to 20 times normal levels. The 'extra' emissions can turn a harmless factory workplace into a deadly gas chamber that systemically poisons the workers and can result in hospitalization and/or death.

Fortunately, with user friendly testing equipment from IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc it is very easy to measure the O2, CO and NO(x) (if required) emissions from any forklift. Our customized probe is flexible, allowing it to transverse the most convoluted tail pipes. With our precision measurement instrument you can quickly and easily see the emission levels and work on adjusting the engine to properly combust the fuel.

Our low cost IMR 1440 kit also includes a HC leak detector, CD100A, which is useful for making sure that the fuel tank isn't leaking and releasing HC gas into the workplace. In addition, the RPM Meter can also verify that the engine is running at the right RPMs. Finally, with our digital soot meter, there is no question about the amount of soot the engine is producing.

High CO emissions are dangerous and potentially deadly in the workplace. Using the IMR 1440 or the IMR 1440 kit, you can effectively prevent OSHA violations in the workplace while increasing your employees productivity by eliminating the fear of CO gases. The choice is in your hands, choose IMR and workplace safety today.

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