Former dry cleaner facility redevelopment opportunity DNAPL Source Zone ERDEnhanced In-Situ Remediation Pilot Study Andover, Massachusetts case study


Courtesy of BioStryke Remediation Products LLC

Project Highlights

  • ERDENHANCED Pilot Study >98% total [cVOC] reduction in 4-month evaluation period.
  • ERDENHANCED Proven Green Cost-Effective Source Mass Destruction Strategy
  • ERDENHANCED Proven Sustainable in-situ Remediation Strategy
  • ERDENHANCED evaluation performed under Ministry of Environment (MOE) approval
  • ERDENHANCED Performance Demonstrated Contaminant
  • Reductions in 8-months:
    • >82% PCE
    • >93% TCE
    • >81% cis-DCE
  • ERDENHANCED Reduces Site Time, Operational Costs
  • ERDENHANCED Provides LongTerm Complete cVOC Biotransformation
  • ERDENHANCED Maximum Solubility Providing Multiple Deployment Options with Minimal Water Usage

BioStryke Remediation Products, LLC, provide innovative and cost-effective amendment formulations designed to biostimulate treatment zone conditions and enhance the in-situ destruction of Site contaminants. BioStryke ERDENHANCED leverages existing conditions facilitating passive-aggressive destruction of cVOC dissolved, sorbed, residual source mass while minimizing remedial impacts and costs. ERDENHANCED is proven effective in terms of cost and performance, allowing Site compliance with less environmental impact, working with Mother Nature not against.

To identify a sustainable in-situ remedial strategy the property Owner, with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP) approval, implemented a PRS based Pilot Study to evaluate the efficacy of ERDENHANCED under actual Site conditions; 4-months into the evaluation, total cVOC concentrations within the treatment zone decreased by > 98%.

The Pilot Study was implemented to evaluate the efficacy of ERDENHANCED and another to facilitate in-situ PCE biodegradation. Using two test-wells (TW1/TW2) installed proximate to source zone contaminants, a classic carbon donor was deployed in TW1 and the innovative ERDENHANCED was deployed in TW2. Both additives were introduced to the groundwater using Passive Release Sock (PRS) deployment units which are designed to provide a low-cost low-risk process to evaluate amendment efficacy using existing 2-inch monitoring wells.

ERDENHANCED amended groundwater realized a >98% decrease in total [cVOC] in 4-months; whereas, the other monitoring well (TW1) realized a < 62% reduction in total cVOCs. Specifically, ERDENHANCED amended groundwater [PCE] decreased from 250,000 µg/l to 3,600 µg/l. As a result of the Pilot Study, ERDENHANCED was fully deployed via sub-slab infiltration galleries designed to impact source zone contaminants. Within 6-months [PCE] of deployment groundwater 30-feet downgradient from Source Zone 1 decreased 63% and >99% downgradient to Source Zone 2; from 3,800 µg/l to 1,400 µg/l, and 770 µg/l to 50% while remaining daughter products were recorded at
BioStryke amendments are suitable for any type of deployment due to enhanced solubility.

BioStryke amendments provide easy of handling, require less water, displacing less pore space requiring less site time and less overall remedial costs.

BioStryke amendments maximize project margins while minimizing project impacts.

BioStryke amendment Pilot Study provides Owner/Generator(s), Practitioners, and Regulators alike a low-cost low-risk efficacy evaluation process prior to committing to full-scale remedial strategy. Pilot Study groundwater was amended using Passive Release Sock (PRS) deployment units filled with ERDENHANCED.

PRS units fit within existing 2-inch groundwater monitoring well. PRS units remain suspended within the screened interval of the test well, undisturbed, passive-aggressively amending a vertical column with an area-of-influence (AOI) of < 3-ft. Groundwater sample/analytical testing events are performed at the start, and at regular intervals throughout the evaluation, to include replacement of PRS deployment units. PRS Pilot Study provides a low-cost, low-risk process for Owner(s), Regulators, and Practitioners to evaluate amendments ability prior to full-scale remedial commitment. In summary:

  • ERDENHANCED expedites the degradation of dissolved contaminants creating a massive concentration gradient between groundwater and sorbed/residual source mass, effectively expediting contaminant flux.
  • ERDENHANCED expedites contaminant bioavailability and the biotransformation of parent cVOCs (TCE/PCE) to lesschlorinated daughter products (DCE, VC, and ethene), each with significantly lower sorption coefficients and greater degradation rates helping to support MNA for long-term plume management.
  • ERDENHANCED expedites contaminant dissolution and bioavailability supporting microbial volatile fatty acid (VFA) production and co-solvent ‘surfactant-effects’ increasing contaminant bioavailability and rates of dechlorination.

The graph below summarizes the expedited performance data collected during Pilot Study operations.

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