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Former Manufacturing Facility Remediation- Case Study


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ERC was hired as the General Contractor to remediate a former manufacturing facility in central Ohio.  Basic geology of the site was ground surface to 4 to 6 feet bgs silts and clays followed by sand and gravel to the top of the water table at 8-12 ft bgs.  The site had Tetrachloroethene (PCE) contaminated soil in an approximately 0.33 acre area.  ERC performed the excavation and loading of 215 tons of hazardous and 3,171 tons of non-hazardous PCE-impacted soil for transportation and off-site disposal. Following the excavation ERC placed, and graded a 12 inch lift of aggregate to act as a bridge lift in the base of the final excavation and applied a two part chemical oxidant with a pneumatic mixing device to address groundwater within the excavation cavity.  The project was completed with backfill, compaction and site restoration.

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