Former MGP Site Required a Sediment Treatment and Erosion Protection Solution


Courtesy of CETCO

A shoreline revetment and sediment capping project along the Collins Cove coast of Beverly, Massachusetts required an erosion solution. The Challenge: Trying to maintain a system that will prevent loss of soils in a dynamic coastal environment is always challenging. As in most erosion control applications the revetment is intended to protect the underlying geotextile. In this particular application, the underlying geotextile was a CETCO® Reactive Core Mat® (RCM) designed to sequester and treat contaminants within the soil.

Site Conditions: Coastal protection is nothing new for the Triton® Marine Mattress System, nor is the use of the mattress system in contaminated sediment capping applications. Installation during winter months presented certain challenges, including weather conditions and icing. The design wave height from modeling was approximately five feet. Within a month of construction, the east coast experienced a later season storm that included waves at the design height. The Triton Marine Mattresses performed as expected, and the revetment and underlying RCM cap remained intact, with no damage.

Alternative Solutions: Reno mattresses presented an alternative solution, but damage during maintenance activities was considered a greater risk for these systems when compared to the Triton Mattresses’ polyethylene geogrid. Articulated concrete block mats and loose riprap armor stone were also considered in early design stages.

The Solution: Triton Marine Mattresses were selected for their proven performance in coastal protection, superior handling characteristics (for providing future access to the underlying RCMs for replacement, if needed) and superior aesthetics (compared to articulated concrete blocks).

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