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Former MGP site required a sediment treatment & erosion protection solution case study


Project: Collins Cove Shoreline Revetment & Sediment Cap
Location: Beverly, MA
Products: Organoclay Reactive Core Mat Triton Marine Mattresses by Tensar

Background: The project is situated on a former manufactured gas plant (MGP) site located along the Collins Cove coast of Beverly, MA.

Challenge: Trying to maintain a system that will prevent loss of soils in a dynamic coastal environment is always challenging. As in most erosion control applications, the revetment is intended to protect the underlying geotex-tile. In this particular application, the underlying geotextile was Reactive Core Mat1* (RCM), which is designed to sequester and treat contaminants within the soil.
Installation during winter months presented certain challenges, including weather conditions and icing. The design wave height from modeling was approximately five feet. Within a month of construction, the east coast experienced a later season storm that included waves at the design height.

Solution: Triton Marine Mattresses, manufactured by Tensar Corporation, were selected fortheir proven performance in coastal protection, superior handling characteristics (for providing future access to the underlying Reactive Core Mats for replacement, if needed) and superior aesthetics (compared to articulated concrete blocks). The owners and consulting engineer Arcadis, Inc., selected Triton Marine Mattresses because the armor units could be locally constructed on shore prior to installation and because they incorporated Tensar Uniaxial (UX) Geogrids by Tensar, which have the strength and flexibility to armor the Reactive Core Mat without damaging it.

Result: The 600 Triton' Marine Mattresses performed as expected, and the revetment and underlying 25,000 square feet of Reactive Core Mat sediment treatment layer remained intact, with no damage.

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