Former Ordnance Survey – Case Study


Courtesy of Envirochem Analytical Laboratories LTD

Project Highlights

Envirochem carried out environmental perimeter monitoring during the demolition of the former Ordnance survey site in Southampton. Airborne Dust, noise and vibration levels were all monitored using state of the art equipment.

Project Description

Three monitoring stations were identified in conjunction with the client and the Environmental Health officer (EHO). Monitoring instruments were installed in these locations by our environmental consultants, with the equipment going live on the same day. Dust, noise and vibration limits set by the EHO were programmed into the instruments, allowing text alerts to be sent to site staff if any parameter limit was exceeded.  Weekly reports were generated and sent directly to site management. The combination of reports and real time text alerts formed the basis of a management plan communicated to local business and residents.

Project Scope

The vibrosound noise and vibration monitors are used in conjunction with a Magnus TA1 Transducer and a Type 1 accuracy sensor conforming to IEC 60651. Dust monitoring ultilises Light scattering technology using Osiris light meters, which automatically measures the airborne particulates in real time. An optional weather station measuring wind speed and direction can also be fitted, providing further useful environmental conditions.

Customer comments

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