Fort Worth’s Trinity River Vision

The recently completed Trinity River master planning effort, known as the Trinity River Vision, goes beyond trails and annual celebrations to restoring and preserving the river as vital to improving the quality of life for the citizens of Fort Worth, Texas. The plan presents a bold vision, featuring the \Trinity River as a focal point for Fort Worth neighborhoods, and proposing a downtown waterfront. The vision is to preserve and enhance the river corridor so that they remain as essential greenways for open space, trails, neighborhood focal points, wildlife, and special recreation areas. The Trinity River Vision will shape how the City relates to the river and how Fort Worth is viewed by residents and visitors for decades to come. The project involves developing a bypass channel between the Clear and West Forks of the Trinity River to redirect flood flows away from downtown, which would allow for revitalization and development of a new waterfront are. The newly created waterfront will then be completely redeveloped from the aged vacant commercial buildings into environmentally sensitive mixed-use medium to high density neighborhoods, a community college campus, and associated amenities.

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