Four Tips To Use Rug Cleaners

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There are many ways to clean rugs, and there are many machines that can be used as rug cleaners. This article deals only with using carpet extractors as rug cleaning machines. Carpet extractors can be used to clean all kinds of soft surfaces, including carpets, mats, seat upholstery, and rugs, depending on the wands used.

A regular use of rug cleaners keeps the rugs in good looks and shape. The following are some tips to get the best out of these machines:

Tip 1: Vacuum the rugs first

Use a vacuum cleaner on the rugs before using a carpet extractor. Turn the rug upside down and apply vacuum on the flat back side of the rug. This will result in the removal of dust and some of the other dirt from the rug. However, the dirt created by liquids, such as oil spills, liquid spills, pet urine, and vomit, will remain on the rug surface. You need high quality rug cleaners for removing such substances.

Tip 2: Use green chemicals

Carpet extractors work by injecting a mixture of cleaning agent and water into the rug surface. The mixture filters into the surface and breaks or weakens the bond between dirt and the surface.

Rug cleaners come with a wand with which users agitate the rug surface. The agitation leads to the creation of dirt residues. Rug cleaning machines with powerful extraction functions extract these dirt residues.

The quality of the cleaning agent used plays a big role in the efficiency of the cleaning process. However, environmental and health hazards make the use of artificial cleaning agents a bit problematic. The best option is to use genuine green chemicals.

Before purchasing the green cleaning solutions, ensure the genuineness of the products. Genuine products are entirely made from plants and vegetables. Such cleaning agents are best suited for use along with carpet cleaners.

Tip 3: Use upholstery wands

Carpet extractors normally have two kinds of wands, that are carpet wands and upholstery wands. A 12' floor wand is included with a conventional carpet cleaning machine for regular floor carpet cleaning,  while a 4' wand is used for upholstery cleaning. That is the reason why carpet extractors used for this task are also called upholstery cleaners.

Tip 4: Use heated output

Carpet cleaners that generate heat offer faster and better cleaning. The  temperature of the top models ranges up to 210ºF. As a result of their high temperature, these are sometimes called rug steam cleaners. Many of the rug steam cleaners come equipped with an inline heating technology.

When using the heated versions of upholstery cleaners, it is better to use machines with multiple heating elements. These upholstery cleaning machines achieve the maximum temperature in a very quick time.

While machines with a single heating element take some time to reach the maximum temperature, upholstery cleaning machines with multiple heating elements just reach the maximum temperature within a couple of minutes.

Look for all the above mentioned features before buying a machine for carpet cleaning.


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