Four vital features of best carpet washers


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Carpet washers are, perhaps, the simplest machines among the cleaning industry equipment. These machines do not offer high output power like some of the other machines. However, what people planning to buy carpet cleaning machines must remember is that the simplicity or the lack of power does not make the buying of these machines any easier.
Some of the simple features of carpet washers are vital in the functioning of the machines. This articles deals with four basic features of carpet extractors that have the most important influence in the working of the machine. These features are as follows:
1.    Multiple wands
2.    Make and build
3.    Tank size
4.    Portability
Multiple wands
Carpet washers are used mainly for cleaning carpets and upholstery. Both carpets and upholstery are soft surfaces, but have different thicknesses. Carpet cleaners clean by injecting a mixture of water and cleaning agent into mats and upholstery. Once the cleaning mixture acts on the surfaces, cleaning workers clean with the pressure coming out of the wand.
Conventional carpet cleaning machines use separate wands for cleaning both carpets and upholstery. The best carpet washers offer higher quality types of wands, an upholstery wand and carpet wand. 
A 12'' floor wand is used for regular floor carpet cleaning, while a 4'' wand is bundled with an upholstery cleaning machine. Someone buying a carpet upholstery cleaning machine can buy a 12' wand, if they wish to clean carpets in homes and businesses.
Experience has taught many cleaning workers that using different wands for cleaning different surfaces saves time and improves efficiency. So, buy a carpet cleaner extractor with multiple wands.

Make and build
The quality of the material used in making a carpet cleaner extractor is important too. Ensure that you buy a machine made of high quality stainless steel. One must ensure that both the cabinet of the machine and the individual components are made of high quality material. Otherwise, the machine will not last long enough.

Tank size
The best rug cleaning machines include separate solution and recovery tanks. The solution tank contains the mixture of water and cleaning solution that has to be injected into the mats, carpets, rugs, and seat upholstery. Recovery tank, on the other hand, refers to the tank in which the extracted dirt residues are kept.
Both the tanks have to be as large as possible. Some of the latest rug cleaning machines offer solution tanks as large as 17 gallons and recovery tanks as large as 15 gallons. Machines with large tanks allow for more hours of continuous working.

Carpet cleaning machines are normally portable, walk-behind machines. These are not very big in size. If you want enhanced mobility, it is better to opt for truck mount carpet cleaning machines. As the name suggests, truck mount carpet cleaning equipment can be mounted on a truck or trailer and taken to different parts for cleaning.
Now that you know the features of the best carpet clean systems, choose your machine carefully.

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