French WWTP installs LIT open channel UV-system

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Courtesy of LIT UV EUROPE / LIT Technology

Recently O.E.I. France, distributor of LIT for the French market, installed a LIT open channel UV system in the South of France close to the Mediterranean Sea. The system is placed in the municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) of the village of Canet-en-Roussillon with 10.182 inhabitants. The capacity of the WWTP however is based on the summer season population of 66.000 inhabitants. The LIT UV system is part of a classical urban WWTP water line. The design of the plant was based on an hourly peak flow of 21.000 m³ per day and treats on average 12.250 m³ per day. The municipal waste water is first treated by an activated sludge system including a clarifying process. Just before the discharge into the Têt River the effluent passes through the UVsystem. The river then runs for 2 more kilometers before it reaches and flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

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