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Freytech oil water separators in car wash applications


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Knowing that oil can get into the reclaim water, David F. Roberts, the President of Freytech Inc., recommends the use of an enhanced coalescing oil water separator. “Even trace amounts of oil in the recycled water can diminish the quality of the wash,” he said. “An ‘oil trap’ is not enough since it is simply a tank with baffled walls which does trap some of the oil floating on the surface of the water, but it will not trap all of the oil present below the surface.”

In addition, using such an antiquated method does not offer adequate protection against potential fines for discharging oil beyond the legal limits, according to Roberts. As for self serve carwashes, he said an oil water separator is strongly recommended since it is not uncommon to come across patrons changing their oil and dumping it into the carwash drain. He said that retrofitting existing tanks and installing a turnkey separator kit is a simple, affordable option that not only improves the wash quality and protects the environment but also offers peace of mind to the operator.

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