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Frimley park hospital NHS foundation trust - case study


Courtesy of Leafield Environmental Limited

The Challenge:
Frimley Park Hospital with its 3500 staff sought to reduce its environmental impact by significantly reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. The project also sought to encourage people to think about recycling as part of their everyday life.

The Solution:
The hospital declared itself a 'Recycling Zone'... a collaborative scheme between the Hospital, Coca Cola Enterprises, WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme), Recoup and Surrey County Council with the purpose of providing facilities to recycle cans, plastic bottles, newspapers and magazines.

The 'Recycle Zone' comprises 72 Envirobins from Leafield Environmental sited throughout the hospital in restaurants, foyers and offices. Differently sized Envirobins have been used depending on the waste stream to be collected and the physical space available.

The 55 litre Mini Envirobins suit the smaller departmental offices and corridors while larger 100 litre units have been sited in general access routes around the hospital and close to vending machines. The 140 litre Maxi Envirobins are particularly suited to high footfall areas and have been used in the busy Glade and Pinetrees Restaurants.

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