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From gasworks to playing field case study


Courtesy of A Alga Companhia Limited

There had formerly been a gasometer on this site, which had contaminated 3000 cubes of soil with an average TPH of 6,500mg/kg and an average PAH of 400mg/kg. Sanctus, the contractor for the work, were looking for a way of treating the soil on site and avoiding any landfill costs. We suggested to them that they apply two litres of Alga Power 101, our unique seaweed-based media, with 100g of AlgaBoost, a dried blend of pseudomonas bacteria, along with 18 litres of water for every cubic metre to be treated. This solution was then sprayed directly into the soil following screening. After the treatment was applied, the soil was placed into windrows and left for a period of twelve weeks. During this time, each windrow was turned twice. After a period of twelve weeks, the soil had been successfully brought down to safe levels and could be backfilled and compacted. The site is now ready for use by the adjacent school, Grace Academy.

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