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From Near-Miss to At-Risk: How Untracked Data Costs Lives and Kills Profit


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Reporting and investigating near-miss events is a central part of any proactive safety management system. Near-miss data can be used to implement corrective actions that address safety concerns before they become safety incidents. Not only is it essential to be able to see trends and point out recurring problems but reporting near-misses is often required by law to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

This whitepaper examines how to capture and track those near-miss events before they become workplace incidents, through examination of regulatory considerations, available safety research and the creation of a safety plan.

Key topics include:

  • Leveraging OSHA’s near-miss regulations to improve the quality of your safety best practices
  • Building a foundation for a proactive safety pyramid and the safety pyramid’s expanding role in contemporary safety management
  • Exploring tips and best practices of near-miss reporting to create a strategic plan to improve safety performance

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