From the PWR Blog: Ethanol Subsidies -- Way Past the Expiration Date


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I'm sure most of you have a company kitchen or snack area where there's a refrigerator available for storing a lunch you've brought with you. I'm more the kind that uses it for storing my take-home after lunch, but I think you can probably visualize the scene.

Think about that company refrigerator. Ever notice an item that shows up and seems to stay waaaaayyy past any possible human-survivable expiration date? Don't you wonder who put it there and whether they're performing some odd experiment?

Well, I was catching up on industry news and came across this article about the upcoming expiration of federal ethanol subsidies this December 31. I know I'm not the only one to be shocked to find out that us taxpayers have been footing the bill for encouraging ethanol production from our corn stock for a total of over $45 billion dollars. Today, we the taxpayers are paying $6,000,000,000 dollars (6 billion...I know...that's a lot of zeros) a year in supporting ethanol subsidies. Follow this link to continue reading the article.

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