From the PWR Blog: Need a Scary Halloween Costume? Try EPA Director


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I've been running a bit behind this week, what with Halloween coming up and all. I'm sure some of you have these kind of weeks where you inevitably let something slip between the cracks. Or you try to compensate by pushing your car a bit more aggressively, trying to gain some time in your life. I used to push my car, but lately I have been choosing to let a few things slip through the cracks more often. Sure, I tell myself its better for the economy not to stomp on that pedal so quickly, but mainly I've slowed down to save money. My car is just now paid for and I WAS hoping to keep it running for another three years of NO payments, so I could sock away some extra cash and build up for a down payment.

But just this week, the EPA decided to force me to buy a new car. Well, maybe not new, but any car that is no older than 2007. Oh, by the way, they've pretty much forced everyone to get rid of any car or truck older than 2007 within a year or three. And they did this in order to significantly increase the damage to the environment. Click here to continue reading the article.

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