Frost protected structural foundation and heating system using SVHeat

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Courtesy of SoilVision Systems Ltd.

Legalett ( specializes in foundation systems with built-in radiant floor heating. This unique product provides the customer with a well-designed house foundation that not only provides frost protection without frost walls but also has the added benefit of reducing or eliminating moisture and mildew from forming in the foundation.

The design of these foundations is complex and has been guided by the use of SVHeat. According to Scott Perry, Legalett, the software was selected based on the following advantages: 'Its ability to simulate actual climate data as a boundary condition and its user friendly front end that makes the modeling we do simple. The output results can be uniquely formatted to make comparative studies on successive runs without taking up valuable engineering time.'

This unique application of SVHeat required implementation of resistive boundary conditions in the software in order to handle some of the special-case considerations. The ability of SVHeat to be modified quickly allowed fast implementation of this feature.

Also used in this particular application was the ability of SVHeat to model the influence of climate data on the portions of the model outside the home. Actual detailed climate data was cut and pasted into SVHeat in order to simulate the response of the house wall and foundation to various climatic conditions.

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