Ft. Dodge wastewater treatment plant case study


Courtesy of In-Pipe Technology Company, Inc.

Performance History and Discussion
USW Utility Group who manages the Ft. Dodge Wastewater Treatment Plant selected In-Pipe Technology to reduce lagoon sludge levels and delay the lagoons' scheduled 2011 dredging event, as well as to improve process operation and efficiency. Secondary project objectives include the improvement of conditions in the City's collection system by removing fats, oil and grease (FOG) from the lift station wet wells and reducing odors.

In the past, the City of Fort Dodge dredged the sludge lagoons at the WWTP at three year intervals. USW Utility Group introduced IPTC as a viable means to improve operations and save the city money with an environmentally friendly, sustainable solution. The primary goal for In-Pipe Technology is to extend this interval period between dredging events, thereby saving the City significant operating expenses

In-Pipe began the first of two dosing unit installation phases on March 31st and achieved system-wide treatment coverage of the collection system on April 13th, during the second phase of installation. Additionally, on July 28th, In-Pipe installed and started up a grow tank system to further increase the quantity of bacteria added into the aerobic digesters.

Present Conditions
Since In-Pipe started full treatment in mid-April, the sludge levels in the lagoons have gone down significantly.

In-Pipe performs periodic surveys of the lagoons using a 6-node grid for Lagoon 1 and a 5-node grid for Lagoon 4. The sludge measurements are taken at each of the nodes in the lagoons using a sludge judge. The sludge surveys were all performed by the same In-Pipe employee and utilized identical techniques in order to provide the most precise sludge level measurements. In-Pipe performed a survey of the lagoon sludge levels on March 30th, June 26th and July 28th.

The following summarizes the most current lagoon survey (July 28, 2011) compared to the initial survey (March 30, 2011).

Project Installed: March 2011
Plant Size: 4.00 MGD
Service Objectives:

  • Reduce Lagoon Sludge
  • Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Reduction

Performance Summary
In just the 3 months from Installation:

  • 26% Sludge Reduction (Lagoon 1)
  • 16% Sludge Reduction (Lagoon 4)

Financial Payback: $200,000

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