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FTIR range available from Specac

At Specac, we produce a diverse selection of FTIR spectroscopy accessories, which can fit in a range of spectrometers. Primarily an optics company with a long history of meeting the needs of both industrial and laboratory customers, Specac's spectrometer accessories have been designed with wisdom and experience gained over 45 years.

Please read some highlights of the various infrared spectroscopy accessories we offer. If you want to know more, check out our Resources page for application notes on various sample types. 

Golden Gate ATR accessory

A versatile, highly accurate spectrometer ATR accessory, the Golden Gate lets the user heat solids or cool flowing liquids to liquid nitrogen-temperatures, analyze in-situ reactions, analyze samples that require controlled penetration of the infrared beam, analyze samples under a broad range of pressures and test liquid samples under super-critical conditions.

The Golden Gate is a versatile ATR-FTIR accessory offering various analysis options.

Simply changing the accessory's top-plate changes its sampling capability. One optics box, multiple sampling systems.

Read about how Historic England (English Heritage) used our Golden Gate when carbon-dating Richard III's bones.

Quest ATR accessory

The Quest ATR is similar to the Golden Gate, but an easier-to-use spectroscopy machine all-round.

The Quest is a rugged, user-friendly and reliable ATR accessory with a range of crystal pucks available.

However, it is just as accurate, consistent and rugged. Instead of top-plates, the user changes crystal 'pucks' to alternate between Diamond, Extended-range Diamond, Germanium, Zinc Selenide, Silicon and Specular Reflectance puck options.

Read how our Quest ATR was used to detect and analyze mephedrone, cocaine, ketamine and more.

Pearl liquid transmission accessory

The Pearl is an accessory for FTIR transmission analysis, instead of ATR reflectance. It holds liquid samples of various consistencies, inserted easily by either pipette or syringe. Pathlengths available are 25μm 50μm, 100μm, 200μm, 500μm and 1,000μm. Similarly to the user-friendly Quest Pucks, the Pearl IR windows can be changed via removable 'Oyster Cells'.

The Pearl is an easy-to-use liquid analysis accessory, utilising FTIR transmission.

Zinc Selenide and Calcium Fluoride windows are available. The Pearl's ease-of-use offers high throughput liquid analysis. Its high-quality build and premium materials means this accessory is reliable and accurate.

Read how our Pearl was used to analyze milk for ester content, creating a calibration curve.

Selector Diffuse Reflectance (DRIFTS) accessory

The Selector is a flexible DRIFTS accessory, ideal for the analysis of powdered and solid samples. It offers ambient sample analysis, or vacuum pressure and temperature-control condition, using the Environmental Chamber option. The Selector is highly-adaptable for sample requirements.

The Selector DRIFTS accessory offers high-pressure transmission FTIR analysis of solids and powders.

It collects diffuse reflected light while minimizing the specular component collected and reducing spectral distortions, featuring an off-axis optical configuration.

Read how we analyzed asbestos using the Selector DRIFTS accessory.

Variable Temperature Cell

The 'VT' Cell is an infrared transmission accessory for the study of liquid or solid samples over a wide range of temperatures. The accessory utilizes a temperature jacket with both a refrigerant and heating block for above-or-below ambient temperatures.

The VT Cell lets the user analyze samples at various temperatures.

Sodium IR chloride windows are provided as standard for FTIR measurement. However other windows are available for UV-Vis, NIR and other IR techniques.

Read how we analyzed Thermal Runaway properties of Germanium using the VT Cell.

Diamond Compression Cell (DC3)

The DC3 (an upgrade from the DC1 and DC2) is a high-pressure solid FTIR transmission accessory. It works at high pressures, boasts a Hastelloy body construction, works with both spectrometers and IR microscopes and comes with Type lIIA diamond windows and a 1.5 mm diameter clear aperture.

The Diamond Compression Cell lets the user analyze hard solid samples with transmission FTIR spectroscopy.

It is very useful for the analysis of hard samples, such as rigid polymers, rubbers and minerals, with minimal sample preparation.

Read how the Diamond Compression Cell was used to analyze marine-polluting micro-plastics.

MiniDiff DRIFTS accessory

The MiniDiff is a convenient, low-cost accessory for Diffuse Reflectance analysis. It lets the user test with the sample in mulitple positions and is ideal for gemological certification.

The MiniDiff is a low-cost alternative to the Selector DRIFTS accessory.

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