Fuel oil removal


Courtesy of Filtra Systems

Project Profile:Aquifer Solutions Groundwater Remediation

End User: Aquifer Solutions, for Republic Paper
Location: Board
Commissioned: Commerce City, CO, Fall, 2003
Units: (1) FDB-19P Complete with dedicated
Flow Rate: backwash
Process: supply pump for hot water backwash, 300 gpm. (0.5 Million Gallons of Water per day), Removal of No. 6 fuel oil from Groundwater

Process Description

The system provided to Aquifer Solutions is a single filter used to remove No. 6 fuel oil from ground water. Two (2) Horizontal wells are drilled the length of the designated remediation property, which at one time, was a paper mill. The injection well provides the formation with hot water and the second production well is the conduit for oil and water to be removed from the ground. The oil is first separated from the produced water with an IGF and then water is polished with the HDBF, prior to re-injection.
The produced water that is sent to the filter contains 10 ppm and 50 ppm of the fuel oil. The effluent quality is less than 2 ppm fuel oil and TSS. This is a single unit installation with plastic tanks (shown above) used for backwash supply and backwash.

Once the fuel oil is removed from the ground and groundwater, the water rights to the onsite wells will be sold to the State of Colorado and then provided for use in agriculture 

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