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Fuel Oil Spill during maintenance in Ohio


Courtesy of Sarva Bio Remed, LLC

During replacement of oil furnace by an HVAC contractor in Ohio, there was an accidental release of almost 250 gallons of No. 2 heating oil in the basement. The oil seeped below the concrete surface and the smell of heating oil fumes was so strong that the home owner was advised to relocate in a hotel to prevent chemical burn of throat tissues. Environment company in charge of the cleanup removed 11 yards of soil after cutting the basement and even after 2 months of the release the smell of heating oil remained strong. He contacted us to confirm if VaporRemed would really get rid of the strong odor and when confirmed that it would, and after consulting the environment company and EPA, use of VaporRemed was approved. VaporRemed was ordered on a next day delivery basis and on Friday evening VaporRemed was applied to the pit remaining and very next day he reported that fumes were reduced almost completely. One week later new furnaces were installed and the basement was sealed soon after. The soil removed after application of VaporRemed was analyzed before disposal in the landfill site and results showed a TPH of 10 ppm.

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