Fuel strategies: fueling the waste industry

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Fuel is a significant cost factor in the waste industry, accounting for billions of dollars a year in fact, and its price volatility lead to less predictable operating expenses and margins. The fuel supply chain complexity combined with erratic price cycles caused by market and weather issues causes concern for CFOs and purchasing executives when attempting to minimize expenses. Fleet managers in the industry that are charged with overseeing supply portfolios and maintaining adequate stock levels, often at multiple sites, should consider a centralized approach to their fuel management. In addition, the demand for fuelefficient and hybrid trucks, the expanding array of waste and recycled products, and the availability of different types of fuels, continue to make a fleet managers role challenging and are key to a company’s overall strategy. This is why many waste management professionals are centralizing fuel management to:

  • Mitigate the impact of price volatility
  • Manage price predictability
  • Optimize the deployment of working capital
  • Gain competitive advantage by better managing fuel price volatility and the timing of fuel purchases
  • Reduce costs

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